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Why book ferry tickets on Ferryhopper?

Booking your ferry tickets with Ferryhopper is the best start to a great trip! With Ferryhopper you are guaranteed the best prices with no extra fees, including all offers and discounts.

Our Customer Support team can share up-to-date information, so that you can effortlessly plan your trip, either it’s a one-way route in Spain or island hopping in the Cyclades. Don’t forget, you can also book direct and indirect ferry routes to get where you want!

port of las palmas de gran canaria, canary islands, beach, sea, mountains, coast, buildings

Travel by ferry to the beautiful port city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with Ferryhopper.

Here are 7 reasons to book ferry tickets in the Mediterranean with Ferryhopper:

  1. Fair prices: Ferryhopper allows you to search, compare and book ferry tickets with no extra fees. You can see the lowest ticket prices at the time of booking and there are no service fees when booking through our website.
  2. Up-to-date information: Our fare search engine shows up-to-date information about ferry routes, schedules and ticket fares. Have a look at Ferryhopper’s Map of ferries to find the latest details for your ferry trip in the Mediterranean Sea.
  3. Customer support: We want to make sure that you have a smooth ferry experience from start to finish. You can contact our Customer Support team for any queries related to ferry travel in the Mediterranean, ask questions about the booking process, find more information about boarding and traveling, as well as ask for additional details about ticket regulations.
  4. Multiple trips: On Ferryhopper, you can book multiple trips under the same booking, combining different ferry companies, destinations and routes. If you’re dreaming about island hopping in Spain or exploring the Aegean Sea in Greece, you can compare schedules and ticket prices live and book your trip in just 4 clicks!
  5. E-ticket: Booking ferry tickets on Ferryhopper means you can download your e-ticket on your mobile or tablet, with no need to print or collect a physical ticket. E-tickets are eco-friendly and enhance contactless boarding procedures.
  6. Indirect routes: Ferryhopper allows you to see information about indirect routes and book indirect trips. This way you can plan your trip with flexibility even when there are no direct routes.
  7. Personalization: Either you’re not ready to book yet or you want to make future bookings even faster, you can save your preferences and personal details. You can also save the details of your fellow travelers for any future trips. Moreover, you have access to your e-ticket and booking info any time through the app.

port of heraklion, crete island, greece, boats, summer holidays, promenade

The beautiful old port of Heraklion in Crete.

How to make sure I have the best price?

To book the cheapest ferry tickets in the Mediterranean, go to our fare search engine and we will show you all direct and indirect routes to choose the most affordable and convenient option. Compare companies, choose vessel and ticket type and access offers and discounts.


Search for direct and indirect ferry routes, select your trip, and get your tickets at the best prices!

Here’s what to look for when booking ferry tickets on Ferryhopper:

  • Vessel: You can choose between standard vessels, highspeed ferries and catamarans. Find more information about ferry companies, fleet and onboard services by visiting our Ferry Operators page.
  • Ticket: There are various fares to choose from depending on the type of accommodation you want on board and your individual needs. From standard passenger tickets to VIP cabins, you can see prices and compare ferry companies.
  • Route: On Ferryhopper, you can see and book both direct and indirect crossings. This means you can compare all options, and choose the cheapest route combination.
  • Discounts: Ferry companies in the Mediterranean offer discounts for infants, students, senior citizens, permanent residents and more. You can compare discounts per ferry company and choose the best price.
  • Offers: Our fare search engine shows you the cheapest ferry tickets including all special offers and last-minute deals. Take advantage of the special Ferryhopper offers, find the latest offers by all ferry operators and book at the cheapest prices.

Good to know: Have we mentioned there are no service fees when booking tickets on Ferryhopper? We probably did, but here it is: there aren’t!

fireworks, ibiza port, night, balearic islands

Fireworks at the port of Ibiza means you’ve just booked your ferry trip on Ferryhopper!

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Money transfer with MoneyGram

Money transfer with MoneyGram is one of the most reliable and quick ways for a person to send or receive money to or from another person all over the world.

The main features of the MoneyGram money transfer service

  • No bank account is required, but just an identity card (ID or passport, etc.).
  • The money is available immediately, whether it is within Greece or wherever in the world.
  • MoneyGram service points can be found almost everywhere on the globe, not just in every country, but almost in every city, even in small towns as well as in villages.
  • MoneyGram service points are usually operating even in the afternoons on weekdays and also on weekends.
  • Both the sender and the recipient send and receive cash respectively.

What You Need For Sending Money

  1. You are visiting one of our stores with your ID or passport.
  2. Please state the name and the country of the person to whom you want to send the money, give the money you want to send and the corresponding fee and you will be given the Reference Number which you only disclose to the recipient.
  3. That’s it! The recipient is going- if he/she wants it immediately – to any
  4. MoneyGram location with his/her ID or passport and collecting the money without paying anything. Only the sender pays.

What it takes to receive money

  1. You are visiting one of our stores with your ID or passport.
  2. Please state the name and the country of the person who sent you the money, the amount of money you are expecting for and the Reference Number that the sender has given to you.
  3. 3. That was it! We’re giving you the cash while you’re not paying anything.
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MoneyGram and AJ travel are offering 20% off all send fees for all NHS staff

MoneyGram and AJ Travel are offering 20% off all send fees for all NHS staff.

Just quote ‘NHSHERO’ and show a valid NHS ID to apply.


Send money to over 200 countries worldwide, quickly and securely

  • Available at 8,000 branches nationwide
  • Over 350,000 locations worldwide to collect money
  • Money arrives in minutes*
  • Money transfer directly to a bank account in selected countries

Simple steps to using MoneyGram at a Post Office branch

To send money

1. Go into a Post Office branch that offers MoneyGram (find your nearest branch using the button on the right)

Please bring your ID**, like your passport, UK driving license, National Identity card or a Government issued identification.

2. Fill in the form

Fill in the ‘send’ form and hand it in at the counter– you’ll be able to include a brief message to the recipient too.

“EXCLUSIVE! Every Post Office customer will receive a MoneyGram Plus™ card, making repeat transactions quicker and easier.

3. Pay (Post Office® accepts cash and debit cards)

You can choose to include the fee in your total amount or pay it separately. As well as the transfer fee, a currency exchange rate may also apply.

IMPORTANT! If you are sending £800 or more, you MUST to upload an image of the ID** used during the transaction to – you will only need to do this once.

4. Contact the recipient

We’ll give you a reference number which you can pass on to the recipient of your money, which can be collected in minutes*

To receive money

1.Get your reference number

Ask the person who’s transferring the money to give you their reference number.

2.Pick it up

Visit a Post Office branch that offers MoneyGram (find your nearest branch using the branch locator above), taking a form of ID**with you (passport, UK driving license, National Identity card or a Government issued identification will do).


Fill in the ‘receive’ form and collect your money transfer.

IMPORTANT! If you are receiving £800 or more, you MUST to upload an image of the ID to – you will only need to do this once.


*Subject to agent operating hours and compliance with regulatory requirements.

**Passport, UK driving license, National Identity card or a Government issued identification. Post Office Limited is an agent of MoneyGram International Limited in the provision of money transfer services. MoneyGram and the Globe are trademarks of MoneyGram. All other marks are the property of their respective owners. MoneyGram International Limited is authorised and regulated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority. ©2017 MoneyGram.

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Money transfer Client Feedback


There are thousands of Moneygram reviews across the web, and there are dozens of comments left by our visitors.

We focused on the largest and most recognisable user review platforms, and discovered client reviews as follows: 580 on Consumer Affairs, 412 on TrustPilot, 116 on Yelp .

The ratings were as follows:

  1. Consumer Affairs – 1 Star out of 5 Stars available. The lowest rating that can be achieved on the platform.
  2. TrustPilot – 0.5 Stars out of 5 Stars available. The lowest rating that can be achieved on this platform. 91% rated it “Bad” and 4% rated it “Poor”.
  3. Yelp – 1 Star out of 5 Stars available. The lowest rating that can be achieved on the platform.

In total, when aggregating all the client reviews altogether, it appears like most clients who left their review online were extremely dissatisfied with their experience.



We discovered few positive reviews on our research. Those we did find indicated the following positives with the company:

  • Good service
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to transact

As there are hundreds of negative client reviews on the platforms that we have checked, there was negative feedback about many aspects, including:

  • Quality of service
  • Cost of transfer
  • Responsiveness of company / agent
  • Safety and Security
  • .. and many more…


Based on the research we have conducted, most Moneygram clients or at least the ones that have bothered to write an online review, are dissatisfied. The situation is similar to Western Union, the only company which is really comparable to Moneygram.

Some of the angst directed at Moneygram may be unjust. Perpetrators are using Moneygram’s service for money transfer scams but there is little the company can do on that regard. Additionally, some clients may have unrealistic expectations.

Since there were so many negative reviews collected, it is reasonable to believe that Moneygram could further improve the quality of service and rates.

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Money gram Company Information and Credibility

Company size:  

Moneygram is a money transfer giant and has a substantial role in the history of money transfer.

The US-based business was founded in 1940 to deliver money orders. As its brand name expanded in the 80’s and 90’s, the problem of remittances became a real concern for the global economy, and there were very few competitors in the field (the biggest competitor that comes to mind is Western Union). Back in those pre-internet days, you had to have a local presence to handle anyone’s money, and Moneygram has managed to pull off that task successfully. Today, Moneygram has one of the most extensive global reach in the industry (together with WU), boasting 347,000 agents across the globe.

The company has suffered some downturns during its long history. The 2008 sub-prime crisis had hit it with a full impact crash to take its stock to oblivion, and a $100m fine for fraud a few years later hasn’t helped.

During 2017, Ant Financial  made an offer to buy Moneygram for a sum of $1.2bn. Ant Financial is a Chinese company owned by the Alibaba group (formerly named AliPay), and being that, considering the US-Chinese tensions in 2017, the deal was blocked by the U.S government. Ant Financial ended up buying indirect competitor WorldFirst.

In 2018, Moneygram announced it will be integrating Ripple into its payment system, which may be the way forward for this company. Ripple is the most payment-oriented cryptocurrency.

Regulated By: 

Almost any financial regulator across the globe, including the American SEC and the British FCA.


Moneygram are one of the biggest, strongest, and most resilient companies in the money transfer space, for good or worse. It has a fascinating history filled with glorious achievements alongside crashes and falls.

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MoneyGram vs. Western Union: What’s the Difference?

MoneyGram vs. Western Union: An Overview In this world of ubiquitous ATMs, tap-to-pay checkout, and automated bank deposits, there are still times when it is necessary to hand over or collect actual cash. That is why money-transfer services like MoneyGram and Western Union have tens of thousands of agents in cities and towns around the world. Money-sending services can be a lifesaver. You may feel it is unlikely you will ever be broke and stranded in a bus station in Bengaluru, needing your spouse to send cash, but stranger things have happened—and not just when you are traveling abroad. How about when your child who is studying at a Canadian university needs you to send the rent deposit—pronto? More routinely, money-transfer companies provide banking services like money transfers, money orders, and bill payments to people who do not have bank accounts. In the United States and Canada, many customers are new immigrants who send money regularly to family members in their home countries. Outside the United States, it is even easier to find a nearby agent for MoneyGram (MGI) or Western Union (WU) or both. Cash is still king in many countries, and, in developing nations, many people do not have bank accounts.

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Greece to test travelers for coronavirus based on a barcode

The new travel arrangements will come into effect from 1 July

With travel air bridges and route re-establishments in place, people have started making plans for international travel, and Greece is among the popular picks. Since the world is only slowly testing how safe the waters of travel are, the Greek government has come up with a way to increase the safety of both citizens and visitors. 

International arrivals to Greece will be subject to targeted testing for COVID-19. From 1 July until 31 August 2020, each traveler entering the country by air, water, or road will receive a barcode determining whether they need to be further tested for the coronavirus. 

Passengers will be asked to fill out the Passenger Locator Form to receive their barcode

When traveling to Greece, every passenger will have to fill out the Passenger Locator Form (PLF). From 9 July, the form has to be completed at least 24 hours before check-in, as opposed to 48 hours prior to that date. This change comes in order to facilitate last-minute travelers to the country.

“From Thursday, 9 July to Monday, 31 August 2020, the CAA informs that the mandatory completion of the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) by all passengers of international flights to Greece must be done 24 hours before check-in and not 48 hours,” according to the Greek Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

The details travelers are expected to share with the government include personal and travel information, such as the “point of departure, the duration of previous stays in other countries, and the address of your stay while in Greece,” as per the official website.

After they fill in the information, they’ll receive a barcode either in print or electronic format on their mobile phone. Based on the barcode, the authorities will know whether to test a passenger for coronavirus, which could detect the majority of imported cases.

“The tests per entrance gate will be divided according to the risk that will be assessed per passenger. For example, if we have 1,000 tests per day at Athens international airport Eleftherios Venizelos, these 1,000 tests will be done in such a way as to maximize the ability to detect positive cases per day and per gateway,” said Dimitris Paraskevis who is the Associate Professor of Epidemiology at EKPA and member of the Committee of Experts at the Greek Health Ministry.

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